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FamilyElaine and Geoff Munro have been the co-owners of East Geelong Newsagency Pty Ltd since December 1991.

The husband and wife team along with their family have successfully operated it for over 20 years. During these years, we have made many sacrifices and devoted our lives to make this business the best it can possibly be. Seeing what we have achieved today has made this commitment to succeed extremely worthwhile.

What makes us most proud is that we feel a part of the local community in East Geelong. The feedback we receive from customers is instrumental in the changes that occur in our business. Through surveys and interaction we have been able to understand the needs of our growing customer base.

Our oldest son, Rick started working afternoons from the time he started high school helping his parents finish up for the day. He was with us until he finished year 12 and went to Mt. Buller for university. After extended periods of time working in Mt. Buller, USA and Canada, he returned in 2011 to do a couple of early mornings a week. He now currently works at Timbertruss Geelong.

Rick’s fiancée, Claire was the manager of Coffee on Garden for 6 months while we were just starting up. She did a fantastic job in establishing the coffee shop in its early days. She was with Rick working in Canada for 3 years. Claire worked at the Arlberg Hotel in Mt. Buller for an extended period when returning from overseas. She is currently juggling working with us and working in reception at a motel.

Anders started working in the newsagency from early high school. After finishing high school, he worked early mornings and any other shifts that fit around his university hours. After a year and a half at university, he left to do his Advanced Diploma of Marketing which he completed in 2010. He now manages our post office as well as the marketing aspects of our business including the website.

Coffee Shop Offers

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Our tasty homemade soups, offer changes daily

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Delicious baked potatoes

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