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PresentThe joining of the 3 businesses together has opened us to a new and diverse customer base.

Coffee on Garden has brought a welcoming atmosphere to our store as people have the chance to sit down and relax while in the company of friends and family. Our coffee shop girls have done an outstanding job of gaining a wonderful rapport with our regular customers, many of whom visit us daily or several times a week.

Our post office staff have done a magnificent job in establishing and developing the business with a particular emphasis on a high level of customer service and the best advice on sending parcels in Australia and overseas. They have built relationships with their customers and through their hard work are continually growing the business.

Our newsagency continues to evolve as the industry develops away from the traditional lines that had previously made up the core business for our newsagency. Our gift area has become a business within itself and is now the biggest growth area of our store. The continuous turnover of gifts is rapidly rising, which requires Kay and Elaine’s constant focus to keep up with demand and the latest trends.

In February 2013, we introduced the Easy Vert advertising screens into our store. These advertisements are shown on four different screens, including one that streams 24 hours a day in our front window. For just over $1.00 a day, this value based advertising has offered businesses a fantastic opportunity to market themselves in a shop with a high amount of foot traffic. If you think this would benefit you feel free to contact us through our website.

Coffee Shop Offers

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Our tasty homemade soups, offer changes daily

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Delicious baked potatoes

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